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Carrots n’ Cake On-Trend Diets
Carrots n’ Cake (CNC) has spent the past decade covering all things healthy living from “delicious food (and wine), to workouts, quick beauty tips, and daily #momlife shenanigans.” CNC follows a counting macros nutrition philosophy and shares the details of her meals and macro counts. CNC also counsels clients one-on-one to help them meet their own goals.

The Spunky Coconut
File The Spunky Coconut blog under the natural lifestyle/paleo-eating category. Readers will be inspired by the delicious recipes (free of gluten, refined sugar, and casein) as well as the down-to-earth lifestyle habits like natural deodorant and essential oils recommendations.

The Low Carb Maven
If you follow the Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle, consider this blog your go-to resource for all of your ketogenic recipes. The Low Carb Maven makes you feel that no food is off-limits (chocolate chip cookies, anyone?) despite the high-fat recommendations followed on the keto diet.

The Mediterranean Dish
Suzy Karadsheh is a self-proclaimed “daughter of the Mediterranean,” and her blog The Mediterranean Dish serves as a delicious digital culinary tour of Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Not only does the blog provide pages full of vibrant, big-flavored recipes, she’ll also help you track down must-have spices and teach you the basics of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

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