Design the Perfect Bedroom

Interior Design Guide: Design the perfect bedroom
Our interior designers continue the interior design guide series with a highly requested area of your London home, the bedroom. From how to design the perfect kitchen, high traffic and communal space, discuss what makes the perfect and tranquil bedroom with the use of interior design knowledge and expertise. Here is the ideal guide in creating your sanctuary and personalised dream interior.

The Central Piece
As suggested in the name, your bed is your central piece for the perfect bedroom. Without a supremely fitted bed that complements your interior design scheme’s style, there won’t be much progress in upgrading and designing your dream bedroom. However, it goes beyond and more profound than just purchasing a nice bed-frame. Our interior designers take this time and opportunity to think strategically and intelligently, bringing in storage solutions to fit the clients routine.

The layout is incredibly important for a functional and sophisticated bedroom. Examine your bedroom, how much space is there? If you have a smaller space and can’t really afford to buy drawers and cabinets as you fear of clutter, this is where a handy bed comes in. Our interior design company shows you may benefit from a divan with built-in drawers. This alternative is perfect for discrete storage and creates ideal space-saving solutions. You may also consider your headboard or approach a similar storage solution

Determine what you think your space can handle. If you are blessed with a large bedroom in London, purchase your luxury and dream king-sized bed to make a statement. This approach will result in a beautiful and luscious interior when against a feature wall.

Our last point is to find something that fits the scheme. If you are looking for a more minimal and ‘Scandi’ look, our London interior designers advise a white-wash or light oak frame. Want even less? No headboard against a high-quality painted wall is also favourable! If you want a lush and elegant approach, an upholstered padded headboard will definitely transform your space. Find suppliers who deliver this service, something like this Aurelie French headboard will transform your bedroom entirely.

In conclusion, think about scaling and how well it fits your bedroom. We want to avoid the headboard and bed looking out of place!

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