Create A Cohesive Kitchen

An open concept kitchen designed

For those renovating an open-concept kitchen, Jodi Berger of JLA Designs suggests focusing on functionality and flow. “There should be a designated spot to prep and another to eat and gather. For larger spaces, it is important to create balance and symmetry through the use of your cabinetry, appliances, and furniture.”

Kitchen islands and peninsulas are also trends not going away any time soon. Berger says they’re ideal because they allow the kitchen to be a place to socialize. She also emphasizes the importance of using lighting fixtures to define each space within the kitchen. “Through the use of mixed metals and textures we add interest and depth into the open space. Creating a warm and inviting environment conducive to our clients’ lifestyles is key to a successful open-concept design.”

Turn A Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

Alexis Rodgers of Home With Alexis says other than the furniture itself, the right textiles, lighting, and art are the key to creating a chic and stylish bedroom. “Whether or not you change your bedroom furniture, changing these three components will have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your bedroom.”

In terms of lighting, Rodgers suggests replacing old fans with a pendant light or chandelier and installing dimmer switches.

She also says to hang art on the walls that draws the eye into the room. Choose something interesting and meaningful.

Then, warm up the bed itself with accessories like a chunky knit throw and plenty of pillows. “Keeping it simple and fresh is always good, because at the end of a long, busy day crammed with all sorts of stimuli, you need a place to unwind and relax. Neutral hues such as sands, grays and blues are calming and lovely. Don’t skimp out on pillows because they make or break the overall look of the bed,” she explained.


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