Can you reset your metabolism on the keto diet in 21 days?

Whether the keto diet helps people keep the weight off isn’t known yet.

What happens many times — like with the similar Atkins diet — is that a diet becomes a fad, but then people start to regain the weight, Lee told Healthline. The fad diet passes because people figure out its benefits are short term.

“The short-term reaction doesn’t mean you’re resetting your metabolism for the longer term,” Lee pointed out.

Dr. Joe Feuerstein, an associate professor of clinical medicine at Columbia University and director of integrative medicine at Stamford Hospital, treats thousands of patients for weight loss a year through his consultation service. He’s used the ketogenic diet with several patients.

“I have found that the ketogenic diet works very well in clinical practice. I have one patient who lost nearly 100 pounds using this plan. The keto diet isn’t better for all things — it is just quite effective for weight loss,” he clarified.

But, according to a post by  weight off Will Little for KetoSchool, during the first three weeks of ketosis, the body rapidly adapts, and “all the other tissues in the body use a decreasing amount of ketones for energy, eventually using mostly fat… So, contrary to popular opinion, shortly into the diet you are not producing or burning very many ketone bodies.”

Dugas doesn’t see much of an advantage to burning carbs versus fat for energy.

“Our bodies are so flexible, and our brains tightly regulate our blood glucose. Your body will use what’s available,” she explained. “You can get your calories from carbs, fat, or protein — all of them are broken down to maintain our blood sugar.”

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