“Love With Flaws” (2019 Drama): Cast & Summary

Love With Flaws

Love With Flaws

Model and actor Ahn JaeHyun (“You Who Came from the Stars”, “Blood”, “Cinderella with Four Knights”, “The Beauty Inside”) and Oh YeonSeo (“Come Back Mister”, “My Sassy Girl”, “Hwayugi”) are the main leads.

Kim SeulGi has a role too. She is well-known for her numerous supporting roles in dramas such as “Kill Me, Heal Me”, “Splash Splash Love”, “Three Color Fantasy: Queen of the Ring” and “The Guardians”.
Here is more information.

Title: Love with Flaws / People With Flaws/Hajaissneun ingandeul/하자있는 인간들
Director: Oh JinSeok
Writer: Ahn JinYoo
Network: MBC
Runtime: From Nov. 27
Language: Korean


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